Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pattaya beach is a thrill not to be missed

     August 19th , 2011 was my first trip to a beach and  journey starts at 7.30 a.m and reached to our destination at 2.00 pm. Before that on my  way to pataya beach I have came across with  mountains which lead me to feel as if m back to land of thunder Dragon. It gave me real thrill to see such a superb scene after so many month. In fact it was really happiest moment that I have ever felt before. With lots of enthusiasm to visit beach we finally reached to our destination at Pattaya beach indeed its one of the most stunning  place in Thailand.

 Seeing a beach for a first time is really amazing and  memorable  day…….although its my first time I got into the water without any scare of getting drown and I could see other people enjoying the exhilarating  banana boat. One of my friend asked me weather I want to join with them , as said  without any fear  I joined with my friend in banana boat. It’s a boat which is drag by another motor boat. We were five on the banana boat holding each other, if truth be told among five of us there were some who do not know how to swim and that was really peril. Since we were taking far away from the beach I was really enjoying at the same time bit afraid that if something grisly happens. Suddenly the boat turned  around at time we all fall off from the banana boat and at that particular juncture the titanic movie came to my mind and I was fretted but safe that we put on the life jacket, Which made us float.  Time  and again the diver who is driving a boat  made us fall into the ocean so we were bad-mouthing……   But at last we came to know that the most exciting part in banana boat is when they make us fall. Ha…ha..ha….and it was great….
                                 Feeling of glorious warm sand between my toes  made me hire a  rubber ring and drift off, enjoying the shade, comfort and the a beautiful view afforded by a deck chair and umbrella watching an exhilarating banana boat ride. The most amazing thing about pattaya, is that there are so many things to see and many things to enjoy. Shortly my memorable day came to the end with set in sun. where I could say that  Pattaya is one of the place where, we would never have enough time to do and see everything.
Early in the morning at 5 a.m.  we went to the beach to see sun raise, alternatively, taking a walk along the winding palm-fringed promenade is a pleasant pursuit especially early in the morning.i even meditated for a while just to recollect my precious time at pattaya beach. Unfortunately I could not make a trip to Khao Chee Chan, I heard that its located about 20 minutes outside of pattaya. Which is the largest Buddha image(130 meters tall and 71 meters wide) in the world, also know as Buddha mountain. Time for us to go back to our university and while we are going back to our main campus I regret that I couldn’t keep my foot print neither  my hand print cause its being flash away  by the ocean water. “ A day trip to pattaya beach, is day to remember.”

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